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Start Learning how to design your own websites using Industry new features of HTML3, CSS3 and Bootstrap4.

Basic Web Designing is one of the best skills you can get nowadays in the digital world. Web Design experts with basic knowledge on HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap4 are among the most wanted people in the industry with salaries skyrocketing to beat front-end professionals.


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Course Overview

Basic Web Designing Corporate Training involves start-of-the-art functions and features, that provide an existing user experience. Our Hands-On and Online Classes will help you to enhance your skills in HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap4. You will be able to start web design and develop web pages with ease.

Do you feel, you are new to web design or experienced web designer who wish to , this training covers the concepts from basic to advanced level where you will get proficient knowledge on tools and functions of web designing.

Key Features of UI Basics Training:

  • Interactive Hands-On Learning with concepts, elements and Work on LIVE PROJECT!
  • Learn to style web pages with CSS3.
  • Learn to develop websites using features of HTML5 & CSS3.
  • 36 Hours of Dedicated Training Sessions.
  • Industry Experts will guide students to implement all latest Technologies.
  • Own an .in domain and web hosting for 1 year.

What learning benefits do you get from Web Designing Training?

Our Web Design course makes you understand:

  • A website with an appealing design fetches more audiences.
  • Understand User Experience capabilities.
  • Develop knowledge on implementing high-quality User Interface solutions.
  • Design and implement complex and interactive user interfaces in the most efficient manner.
  • Understand the best practices related to implementing the User Experience solutions.
  • Candidates can undergo complete real-time experience through practical examples and live projects.
  • And much more…

Who can take this course..?

  • Anybody can apply for this course, you just need to have basic computer knowledge.
  • This course can be done by anyone with interest and passion to learn Web Designing.

Is this course right for me?

If you wish to be a web developer and design websites, then HTML and CSS with Bootstrap courses are apt for you.

The demand for Web Designers in Front-End Web Development is increasing day by day. IT and Web Solutions Companies are looking for Web Designers who can create the UX Design, Develop the Visual Design and also build the UI with relevant front-end technologies.

After completion of the Debuglabs Web Designing Training successfully, we assure you will be ready to be placed in proficient reputed IT companies.

Course Curriculum

In this exercise, you will learn the basic syntax and the most essential HTML tags that are needed to get up and running.
a) Right Tools for Learning HTML
a) HTML, Head, Title, & Body Tags
b) Headings, Paragraphs
c) The Doctype Declaration (DTD)
d) The Lang Attribute
e) The Meta Tag & the Unicode Character Set
a) Types of Lists
b) Ordered and Unordered List
c) Creating Nested Lists
d) Using Lists to Create a Navigation Menu
In this exercise, you will add some links to both external websites and other pages on your site.
a) Anchor Tags & Hrefs
b) Linking to Pages Within a Website
a) Using Inline Tags <b>, <i>, <strong>, <em>
b) Using the <span> and <mark> Tags
c) Defining Inline Styles
In this exercise, you will add images to your webpage. You will also learn two other simple tags: the line break tag and another for creating the appearance of content division.
a) The Image Tag, Alt and Source Attribute
a) Adding Tables to a Page
In this exercise, you will style the page using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). This is the first of many exercises on writing CSS. The focus of this exercise is on styling text (such as font, color, etc).
a) The Style Tag
b) CSS Selectors
c)Font-Size, Font-Family, Color, & Line-Height Properties
In this exercise, we will introduce you to browser developer tools. All major browsers have built-in tools that allow you to access the code with precision. These tools allow you to review and edit the HTML and CSS with great ease.
a) Using Browser Developer Tools
b) Editing HTML in the DevTools Elements Tab
c) Using DevTools to Edit Your CSS
In the latest version of HTML, HTML5, we can make use of semantic tags to natively describe the contextual function of the element. This has several benefits over the <div> tag.
a) Structuring an HTML Document
b) HTML5 Semantic Tags <header>, <footer>, <nav>, <atricle>, <section>
c) The Main Element
d) The Figure & Figcaption Elements
In this exercise, we will investigate how the <div> tag can and should still be used to group and style content non-semantically. We will also start to think about how to make our layouts fluid, so they adapt to different-sized browser windows.
a) Assigning CSS to Divs
b) Assigning IDs to Divs
c) Assigning Max-Width to Content
d) Making Images Fluid
In this exercise, we will explore this CSS Box Model to see how the width, padding, and margin properties can allow us to control the page layout.
a) What is the Box Model?
b) Setting Div Width
c) Padding & Margin Spacing
In this exercise, you will add some images and also learn how to position images alongside text by using the float property. Additionally, you will learn the usefulness of the class selector.
a) Adding a Hero Image
b) Fluid Images
c) Floats and Clear for Layout
d) Positions
e) Margins
This exercise will show you how to create your own link styles and customize different link styles for different sections of the page.
a) Styling the Anchor Tag
b) The :link, :visited, :active, & :hover Pseudo-Classes
In this exercise, you will add viewpoint meta tag controls that control how a webpage will display on a mobile device.
a) The Viewport Meta Tag
In this lesson, you will learn to store the CSS in an external file, which can be applied to multiple web pages. This will result in consistent styles across a website and facilitate easy site-wide changes.
a) Moving Embedded Styles into an External CSS File
b) The Text-Align Property
c) Centering Divs
In this exercise, you will build the homepage of our product launch website. You will overlay a header on a background image using the CSS background-image property.
a) HTML Images vs CSS Background Images
In this exercise, you will enhance the look of your website by embedding custom fonts rather than using the bland fonts that ship with most operating systems. You will use Google Fonts, the industry leader in free web fonts.
a) How to Use Google Fonts
In this exercise, you will learn CSS border-radius for rounding corners, how to create a handy, reusable button class, and how to make a more complex layout.
a) Simple CSS Buttons
a) Transforms
b) Transitions
c) Animations
In this exercise, you will use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to upload a website to a web host’s remote server so you can see how to take the work you have done on your local computer and actually put it live on the web.
a) What is FTP?
Forms allow you to collect information about your visitors so you can better serve their needs. In this exercise, you will learn to code and style a basic form to collect a user’s name and email.
a) The Form Tag
b) Form Elements
c) Name & ID Attributes
d) Styling the Form
a) Overview of Mobile First Design
b) Adding Custom CSS to Bootstrap
Bootstrap Layout Grid
Bootstrap’s grid system is responsive, and the columns will re-arrange automatically depending on the screen size.
a) Typography
b) Images
c) Tables
Bootstrap Components
Over a dozen reusable components built to provide iconography, dropdowns, input groups, navigation, alerts, and much more.

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Preethi Debuglabs Academy is very reliable for UI Training course. They are giving the best hands on training. They usually provide project oriented training. Their way of teaching is good and easily catchable.

Noorsin Hi! This is Noorsin, I did UI Development Training in Debuglabs Institute. I really like the way of teaching. My tutors cleared all my doubts regarding the course. It was very much useful for me to learn with full involvement and enthusiasm. I am thanking them for a wonderful training.

Pragnya Hi! Myself Pragnya. I took the training for Web Designing in Debuglabs where I improved my Designing knowledge. It helped me to increase my confidence & I got placed in an IT company, Bangalore. Thanks to Debuglabs Training Institute.

Sumithra Debuglabs offers the best Bootstrap training in North-Karnataka. They provide video lectures and real time problems for a better interactive class. They give full support in placements until you get placed in a reputed company.

Amogh I completed Web designing course at Debuglabs. Obviously you guys have Best mentors. Vijay was very supportive, helped me from the fundamentals(HTML, CSS, BootStrap).

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